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Thank you for sending some love this February!

Send some Valentine's Day love to a vulnerable senior this February!

We are nearing the season of 'love' and with that, for many, comes loneliness and sadness. We are asking for your help today to alleviate some of that sadness for rural seniors and adults with disabilities. In partnership with Mill Street Florist, we are running a Valentine's Day fundraiser to raise the spirits of some of the most vulnerable in our community, show them they are loved, and ensure we are able to continue to meet the growing needs of those in our community as this pandemic continues.

With every $20 donation, we will deliver a Valentine and beautiful flower to one of our clients, and all proceeds will go to our A Friendly Voice program. A Friendly Voice provides seniors across Ontario, the opportunity to call for a warm chat, whenever they are feeling lonely- 7 days a week, 365 days a year! We can all relate to feelings of isolation and loneliness as the global pandemic has changed the way each of us has lived in the past year. ROSSS' unique, accessible and innovative program has proven to be a vital lifeline for those who have used the program since its inception in 2018. With funding from the Trillium Foundation coming to an end, we are asking for your help to keep the program going, giving the gift of friendship and warmth to lovely seniors across Ontario.

Once you have completed your donation, you will be emailed a Valentine for you to fill out with a personal message. We will attach these Valentines to a beautiful flower to be delivered on Valentine's Day.

As always, we thank you for your continued support. We are so grateful for this community we serve, we are so grateful for supporters like you and we KNOW it means the world to our clients. THANK YOU!

Sending love and well wishes. Happy Valentine's Day!

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