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The Human Touch

Technology has made life easier and more efficient for New Yorkers in many ways but there is one job that requires the human touch: dementia caregiving.

CaringKind is committed to providing world class programs and services delivered by caring professionals who listen to your concerns, meet with you in person, and help you develop a care plan that addresses your individual needs. CaringKind is the only organization in New York City providing comprehensive, personalized systems of support.

Please help us reach our one-million-dollar goal. By reaching and surpassing it, we will grow our programs and ensure that every New Yorker has access to the care they need. 

We can no longer put off funding programs and services for care. Whether you have been personally helped by CaringKind or know someone who has, today we need you more than ever. Approximately 95 percent of CaringKind’s support is privately funded. With your tax-deductible contribution, we can ensure that you and your family will have the benefit of our human touch when you need it most.

When you make your donation today, consider becoming a monthly donor.  Monthly donations provide a reliable source of revenue which is essential in providing free programs and services to all dementia caregivers across New York City.  

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