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A campaign to get healthy meals to seniors

Many seniors live alone and do not have family or neighbors to them help shop or prepare meals.

By donating to ROSSS and our Meals on Wheels program, you are providing seniors in our community with the necessary nutritional support to safeguard them from malnutrition and help them continue to live independent and fulfilling lives.

ROSSS is grateful for the provincial and municipal funding that we receive.  However those funds  have not kept pace with rising costs of program delivery.  It is critical that we keep our meals at $7 in order to ensure that all seniors, regardless of their financial situation, have access to nutritious food.  Your donation will provide the additional funding needed to meet the demand to deliver over 5000 meals annually.

Our goals is 500 donations of $20.  For every donation we will add a bus to our wall and a sticker on a client's meal acknowledging the contribution


There are more than 700 seniors in our area who rely on ROSSS and Meals on Wheels.  Without these meals seniors seem to reach for what is easy to prepare but is not always well balanced and nutritious.  So often we hear "I just made a piece of toast for dinner".  

Donate now and help us support these rural seniors.

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