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The students who learn online with Oregon State University Ecampus face certain unique challenges that on-campus OSU students don’t.

Here’s one significant example: Oregon State students who are enrolled exclusively in Ecampus online programs are not eligible to receive emergency federal financial assistance.

Last year, more than 10,000 students were enrolled online with Ecampus. Now this vital part of the OSU student body has almost nowhere to turn if they seek help with basic needs like child care, rent and food. 

Here’s what we know:
· Ecampus students are ineligible for emergency federal funds
· More than 500 Ecampus students have already applied for financial hardship grants
· Their total requests add up to more than $1 million
· The average request is $2,500 per student

Your generous donation to the Ecampus Student Emergency Fund will provide immediate resources that help our students stay on track to graduate while they juggle work, family and other life responsibilities. Gifts of all sizes will have a positive impact.

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