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We in the College of Business are proud of how our friends, faculty and staff have come together to assist our students in these difficult times.

THANK YOU to all of our generous donors. You are helping our students stay on track to graduate, and helping with their basic needs like rent and food.

To date, the College of Business alone has already provided our students with more than $200,000 in emergency scholarship support.

And there is still so much more we can do.

When the College surveyed our students last month, we received 474 responses, and learned that:

- 403 students reported job loss or a significant reduction in hours for themselves, or someone on whom they rely financially.

- On average, respondents are losing $1,194 dollars in monthly wages.

- More than 130 students expressed interest in learning more about financial literacy, and nearly 190 about employment opportunities.


When you give to the College of Business Student Emergency Fund today, you will provide immediate resources for our students who are facing new and overwhelming challenges. And gifts of all sizes make a difference for students right now. 

Together, we can make a difference in our students’ lives right now.

Oregon State University and OSU Foundation employees can make their gift via payroll deduction by clicking here. 

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