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Metro Care & Share (MCS) is a registered non-profit that has been active since 1984 as a fundraising organization for education and community initiatives. The organization has recently been energized to serve as a vehicle for new innovative charitable initiatives, including the Halifax Scholar Program, to be launched in 2015. Each program will offer a unique service targeted at Halifax youth and families.

After 40 years of dedicated volunteer work in Halifax, Mel encountered a number of people who, despite relentless efforts to support their families, cannot make it. Mel wants to help these people before they fall through the cracks, not only by offering financial assistance in times of immediate need, but also by equipping them with skills to effectively manage finances and to progress as a family.

The Halifax Scholars Program will focus on empowering youth to explore post-secondary school options. MCS’s mentors will provide a support-system to at-risk youth to train them for success..

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