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Donating to Brunswick Street Mission


Since March 2020, the start of the pandemic, each of our programs has evolved, adapting to accommodate restrictions and ensure the safety of all. Our goal remains clear; to keep our services, essential to people in need, running. Our mission is unchanging; to inspire a better quality of life through a ministry of care that addresses physical, emotional, practical and spiritual needs for those experiencing poverty.

We understand that people are staying home, protecting themselves and their families but our services are still needed, perhaps now more than ever.

To keep you up to date, here is what is happening with each program now:

Our Main Office is open from 9:30am to 12:30pm. Clients can book appointments or drop by to access our tax program or request clothing. We would like to expand our hours and are recruiting for new volunteers to help.

The Breakfast Program never closed its doors but instead moved to a take-away meal. We continue to offer a hot meal to any person in need Monday to Saturday between the hours of 7:15am and 8:30am.

The Food Bank adjusted immediately to offer food hampers and pick-up times to ensure that people, struggling with food security, would have continued access. Food hampers are available for pickup each Thursday from 9:30am to 12:30am.

The Clothing Bank closed but our Clothing Centre continues to offer donated clothing to people in need. Clients can call or visit us in person to request items. Donors should check our website for our clothing needs before donating.

Our Tax Return Program reopened in June of 2020 and has consistently booked appointments. People looking to have their tax returns completed are able to come into our office with their paperwork. We will be hosting our 2020 Tax Clinic starting March 1st and are now booking appointments.

The newly launched Outreach Program is a collection of sub-programs to provide various interventions to community members struggling with low income. You can learn more on our website.

The Trusteeship Program continued with minor changes.

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