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Donating to Brunswick Street Mission


We have reopened our offices, with safety protocol in place to keep our clients, volunteers and staff safe. This means we have been able to add the Tax Filing Program and Emergency Clothing requests to our Breakfast/Meal Programs and Food Bank. It is with your dedicated commitment to the work we do to support people living with poverty that is allowing us to continue our work during these trying times.


At Brunswick Street Mission we meet people each and every day who need food, clothing, shelter, help and hope. Through our programs the staff and volunteers do their best to help one person at a time with what we have available. This is just one of our many stories:


Each day, when our doors open, we never know who might come in seeking help and support. Wind, rain, snow, ice, they all make it hard to live on the streets. One day “John” joined the Breakfast program for a hot meal and we noticed that he was soaked from head to toe. When we brought his meal “John” shared that he had slept in an ATM lobby and that all his possessions had been stolen and the shelters were full. He felt lucky to have had that space the night before but was now in need of dry clothing, as well as a place to warm up. “John” was hoping we might have some clothing he could change in to and using our clothing bank we were able to find him several items; pants, socks, shoes, sweater, a jacket and sleeping bag. Knowing he would be heading back out to the streets staff made a few calls and found him a bed as well as put together a few easy grocery items that he could take with him. After taking some time to eat and warm up “John” thanked us and left.


No matter what issue someone brings to us Brunswick Street Mission works hard to provide support through our programs, services or referrals to those in need. Without your financial contribution we would not be able to support the thousands of individuals who come to us each year. Thank You for your commitment to our work; inspiring a better quality of life for those experiencing poverty.


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