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Donating to Brunswick Street Mission


Thank you for making a donation to support the programs of Brunswick Street Mission as we work toward a better quality of life for those experiencing poverty.


We serve those who struggle with poverty. Many are homeless, others are at risk of homelessness. There are individuals, couples, and families with children. Some work, some are on assistance and others are on disability or pension support. Their backgrounds are as varied as they are but the common element is the daily struggle, and a future which seems not to hold much promise or joy.

BSM aims to address concerns primarily related to poverty and homelessness. Most of our programming is designed to alleviate the "symptoms" of poverty. We work with many groups in Halifax to identify and address the root causes of poverty. 

We serve those who struggle with poverty. Some are homeless, others are vulnerable and at risk of homelessness. These issues do not discriminate and can affect individuals, couples, and families with children. Some conditions seem almost synonymous with poverty; mental illness, addictions, physical disabilities, criminal record, and violence are harsh everyday realities. Survival alone can take all one's energy but resourcefulness, resiliency, dignity, hope and humour can also be seen and with some support and a second (third, fourth...) chance, many of our participants can hope for a better future. Or at least a more tolerable present.

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