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OSU Arts & Education Complex

Ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats!  

Our show is about TO BEGIN! Support a vibrant arts community by naming a seat in the new OSU Arts and Education Complex premier recital hall.  

The OSU Arts and Education Complex will bring together music, theater, digital communications and the visual arts to create a campus and community centerpiece. This complex will serve as a statewide portal to the arts, enabling collaboration with public school systems throughout the state to ensure that all Oregonians have better access and exposure to the arts.  

With your support, it will become, and remain, a gateway for culture and creativity for all.  

The Lynne Hallstrom Detrick Recital Hall at the OSU Arts & Education Complex will be an exceptional venue, an inspiring classroom and a community gathering place. Thanks to the hall’s superior acoustics, every seat will provide an optimal experience for our patrons.  

Now, you can make your mark on the future or celebrate someone special with an engraved plaque on one or more of these seats. 

Learn more about the Arts and Education Complex.

You can make your gift in a number of ways, including over time or together with your friends and family. If you’d like to explore your options, please contact Hannah Snively (541-223-4534) or Grady Goodall (541-231-1111) at the OSU Foundation.

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